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Each year, Camp Ten Trees selects a team of enthusiastic, skilled, and youth-focused volunteers to serve as cabin counselors, specialists, health & wellness providers, kitchen crew, etc.  All volunteers must complete an application process, provide references, submit to a background check, and receive Camp Ten Trees training. 

Summer Camp Dates:

August 8-11, 2015 (Summer Camp Volunteer Training)
August 16-22, 2015 (LGBTQ and Allied Youth, ages 13-17)
August 23-29, 2015 (Children/Youth of LGBTQ and Non-Traditional Families, ages 8-17)

The deadline for 2015 summer camp volunteer applications has passed, however, we are still recruiting certified ASL interpreters for our summer camp volunteer training from August 8th to August 11th.  Please contact our Camp Director for more information

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Camp Volunteering

  Youth Volunteering:  Team pegasus

Team Pegasus is youth coming together, with adult guidance and advice, to develop leadership that allows them to engage powerfully in the organization and its community, as well as in the summer camp sessions. Camp Ten Trees staff provide guidance to this collective of youth (13-17) and their young adult allies (18-22) as they build skills and increase their participation in all aspects of the organization and its programming.  Joining Team Pegasus is a great way to contribute to a youth-led model while also gaining community service hours, developing leadership/organizing skills, and spending time with other youth of LGBTQ/non-traditional families and other LGBTQA youth. CHECK IT OUT!

  year-round volunteering

FLEX VOLUNTEERS:  Flex Volunteers are a continually networked group of folks who are offered regular opportunities to sign up for various projects.  These volunteers have the option of working on projects in various areas or specializing in a particular area (contributing ideas for summer camp programming, for instance).  Flex roles are great for people with skills and energy to contribute on a flexible schedule throughout the year.  Download and print the Flex Volunteer application.

ONE-TIME VOLUNTEERS:  One-time Volunteering is a great way to connect with Camp Ten Trees...or to become reacquainted if you've been away!  After a brief orientation, you can help with an upcoming project, without ongoing commitment.  Contact us if you're interested in One-time Volunteering

 board or board committee

The board of directors is entrusted with overall governance of the organization.  The board works on policies and procedures, ensures fiscally solvency, serves as organizational ambassadors, and supervises the executive director.  The board currently meets 3rd Wednesdays monthly at 6:00 p.m. at the Camp Ten Trees office.  Meetings are open to all!  Visiting a board meeting is a great way to decide whether you're interested in applying to the board.

Interested in applying to join the board?  Submit your application at any time, and the Board Development Committee will reply to you.  Board terms are cyclical.  Generally, new board members begin their terms in October at the Annual Meeting and are expected to serve at least one year (October through October).  People of color, trans*feminine people, young adults, adult children of LGBTQ families, parents of LGBTQA youth, and parents of LGBTQ families are especially encouraged to apply. Download the board application.

How about a board committee?  Have fun, meet awesome folks, and sustain the Camp Ten Trees Mission, Values, and Commitment to Social Justice by pitching in on a board committee.  Board committees are made up of board members and non-board members.  Download the board committee application.  

  • Fund Development Committee - 2nd Wednesdays monthly, 6:00 p.m.
    These folks create and work from a solid fund development plan that brings in the funding needed to deliver quality programming.  Volunteers on this committee work on the annual auction, learn about and apply for grants, share the stories of Camp Ten Trees with donors and supporters, and more!  
  • Finance Committee - 2nd Thursdays monthly, 5:30 p.m.
    This committee provides oversight of bookkeeping, budgeting, and financial reporting.   Don't mistake this committee for a yawn fest; it brings a reflection of our Values into the realm of number-crunching.  What a revolution!
  • Board Development Committee - 3rd Wednesdays monthly, 5:00 p.m.
    Imagine nonprofit board members who are nurtured in their skills development, who reflect the individuals and communities they serve in all their depth and beauty, and who use their experiences and insights to support and sustain an organization with integrity and vision.  Sound good?  Well, join this committee to make it happen!
  • Marketing Committee - Contact board (at) camptentrees (dot) org for their schedule


Causemunity allows you to shop on-line and donate to Camp Ten Trees at the same time!


iGive is another site that allows you to donate to Camp Ten Trees each time you search or shop on-line.


The Giving Effect is a the place to check out our needed item donations, such as supplies for camp and auction item donations.


Can't volunteer for a summer camp session?  Volunteer now.  Check out this page for information on ways to be involved!

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