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What is Camp Ten Trees?

Camp Ten Trees is a nonprofit organization located in Washington State.  Central to the organization's purpose are our yearly summer camp sessions -- one week for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth and their allies and another week for children/youth of LGBTQ or non-traditional families.  Camp Ten Trees is a place for diverse youth who share common experiences to come together and form a community that is truly their own.  In addition to typical camp activities, campers engage in age-appropriate workshops exploring identity, issues of oppression/privilege, youth coalition building, social justice, and more.

Camp Ten Trees is a 501(c)3 organization (EIN 01-0923793).  Donations to the organization are deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Donations, grants, and other contributions allow Camp Ten Trees to maintain accessibility, high-quality programming, and low costs for children, youth, and their families.

Camp Ten Trees was founded in 2001 by four Co-directors and offered its first summer camp session in August 2001, serving just 20 campers.   Since that time, we have served hundreds and hundreds of campers from throughout the United States and beyond.  Camp Ten Trees was one of the first of its kind in the world and still offers the Pacific Northwest's only residential summer camp sessions for children and youth of LGBTQ communities.

 our Mission

Camp Ten Trees creates a loving and engaging youth camp environment for LGBTQ communities and their allies.

 our Values

Courage, Health, Inclusion, Play, Stewardship, Family, Acceptance, Integrity, and Leadership.

It's not just a camp. It's a revolution.

 our Commitment to Social Justice

Camp Ten Trees is committed to ending homophobia and gender variant phobia by addressing, through a Social Justice lens, the interconnected issues of oppression and privilege that foster inequality and thrive on keeping people divided. Social Justice includes full and equal participation of all groups in our community, where individuals are safe, self-determining and interdependent. We hold each other accountable with regard to all issues of equality, accomplished through education and advocacy. Social Justice is not an outcome, but an ongoing and evaluative process.

 our people

Our campers are some amazing people -- children and youth who come together to build a community that is truly their own.  They come to Camp Ten Trees from the Seattle area, the greater Pacific Northwest region, throughout the United States, and beyond!  Sharing a connection to LGBTQ communities, they also bring a diversity of other identities, skills, interests, and experiences to contribute to the "home away from home" that is Camp!

Camp Ten Trees depends on 90+ volunteers to staff the annual summer camp sessions.  After an extensive application and training process, volunteers pool their diverse experiences and skills --drawn from teaching, social work, community organizing, business, law, parenting, health care, etc.-- to cultivate an enriching camp community.

Year-round volunteer opportunities exist for those interested in contributing to the ongoing programming, outreach, and infrastructure-building efforts that sustain the organization and make the summer camp sessions possible.  These volunteers plan events, prepare for summer camp, spread the word of Camp Ten Trees, raise the funds needed for camp, and keep campers and their loved ones connected to each other and the organization.

Two paid staff serve Camp Ten Trees.  A Camp Director oversees the design of the summer camp sessions, trains and supervises the summer camp volunteers, and supports the year-round youth leaders of Team Pegasus .  An Executive Director provides overall stewardship of the organization - coordinating volunteers in ongoing programming, outreach, and administration and working with the board on fundraising, fiscal oversight, and governance.

The board of directors provides a strong foundation for the organization's work.  The board embodies the Camp Ten Trees' Mission, Values, and Commitment to Social Justice in all its endeavors, from governance to fundraising, and board members serve as ambassadors for the organization and its programming.  The board meets third Wednesdays monthly at 6:00 p.m. at the Camp Ten Trees office (509 10th AVE E).  Board meetings are open to all!  Click here to access past board meeting agendas and minutes.  Help us plan for space needs by letting us know if you'd like to attend a board meeting.  Click here to "meet" the current board members!

 a day at summer camp

At camp, our activities are designed to empower campers through play in order to enhance self-esteem, life skills, independence, leadership, and self-confidence.  We provide a mixture of unit activities, all-camp activities, and individual choice activities, allowing campers to strengthen old skills and develop new ones in a structured outdoor setting.  Our specialty areas (waterfront and archery) are directed by nationally certified instructors.  We offer arts & crafts, boating, swimming, creative writing, cartooning, dancing, nature walks, low ropes challenge, archery, discussions, music, sports, youth organizing, and much more!  Learn about our cabin areas, activities, daily schedules, etc. on our camp registration page

 LEAD CAMPER Program - New in 2014!

Leadership, Education, and Development Camper Program - The LEAD Camper Program (new in 2014) expands and replaces our past Counselor-In-Training (C-I-T) Program.  The LEAD Camper Program provides a challenging, educational, and engaging opportunity for campers ages 16-17 who are interested in learing the skills needed to become summer camp volunteers.  While every summer's LEAD Camper Program will support development in camp-wide skills, a yearly-alternating focus will also allow LEAD campers to deepen more specialized skills.  Odd numbered years (such as 2015) will focus on the skills of working in Cabin Areas (Cabin Life).  Even numbered years (such as 2014) will focus on other skills of summer camp volunteering -- i.e., organizing and leading all-camp activities (Community Activities); planning and facilitiating small group activities such as Boating or Arts & Crafts (Core Activities); and providing for the basic needs of the camp community such as food, space, supplies, and communications systems (Essentials).  If you will be 16 or 17 years old at the time of the next summer camp sessions and would like to apply to be a LEAD camper, please visit our camp registration page.